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2022 Worcestershire County Track & Field Championships

Revised Timetable Track & field HERE

Dear Athlete,

Thank you for your entry to the championships, the Timetable for both Track & Field can be found on our Website and Facebook pages and on the online site (click on Flyer to access it).

Please note that timings can be subjected to change, but your event will not be before the posted time on the timetable.

Athlete registration will be from 9am Saturday 14th May near to the finish line, please make sure you register for all your events at the same time and at least 30 minutes before your first event. If you are doing more than one event your Bib Number will be the same for all of them. you will only be issued with two numbers.

If you are going to use your own equipment in field events they must be checked by the Clerk of course before your event.

Hope you have a successful day.