Saturday 16th December 2023


Venue:           Warley Woods Smethwick

Hosts:           Worcestershire AA

Please note: Only UKA affiliated athletes can enter our county championships.

Competition Categories:



Please enter in the appropriate category and chose age group by birth date.

Age Groups: As defined in UKA rules on Cross Country-rule 141 S3 apart from Masters who need to be 40 or over on the day of competition.

U11 Boys      1/9/2012 to 31/8/20141500M10.4511.203 to count
U11 Girls      1/9/2012 to 31/8/20141500M10.4811.253 to count
U13 Boys      1/9/2010 to 31/8/20123000M11.0011.403 to count
U13 Girls      1/9/2010 to 31/8/20123000M11.0311.453 to count  
U15 Boys      1/9/2008 to 31/8/20104000M11.2012.153 to count
U15 Girls      1/9/2008 to 31/8/20104000M11.2312.203 to count  
U17 Women    1/9/2006 to 31/8/20085000m11.5012.553 to count
U17 Men        1/9/2006 to 31/8/20086000M12.2513.303 to count
U20 Women    1/9/2003 to 31/8/20067000m13.0014.203 to count  
Senior Women16/12/83 to 31/8/20037000m13.0014.20Joint team 
Master WomenBefore 16/12/19837000m13.0014.203 to count  
U20 Men        1/9/2003 to 31/8/200610000m14.0015.153 to count  
Senior Men    16/12/83 to 31/8/200310000m14.0015.15Joint team
Masters MenBefore 16/12/198310000m140015.156 to count  

Eligibility:         UKA Rule 21 S6

  1. By birth in the County
  2. 9 months continuous residence in the County prior to competition
  3. By 9 months service in a unit of HM Forces stationed in the County Worcestershire is defined by the pre-1974 boundary and includes parts of Birmingham   
  4. First claim members of out of County clubs may compete for their second claim County club if


            a) meet the eligibility requirements above.

            b) are fully paid up second claim members of the club they are representing.

            c) do not compete in any other County Championships.

Please note: Only UKA affiliated athletes can enter our county championships.


Only first claim athletes can score in team competition, (unless they meet the criteria at d) above)

Only Clubs/Schools affiliated to Worcestershire County are eligible for team awards.

Any number of eligible athletes can enter.

Official Club colours must be worn.

UKA Rules 143 S1 (advertising) (clothing) and 143 S2 (numbers) apply.

Awards:   Presentations on the course as soon as possible after each event (see table above).

Individual & Team Medals within own age group apart from the senior team awards where Masters athletes will count in the scoring team.

Masters age groups are 40, 50, 60, plus 70 (if more than 3 entered). Male & Female.

If equal team scores the first team to close will be declared the winner.

Entry Fees:   

Masters/Seniors £8.00

         All other age groups £6.00

Entries:          Online entry only.

Website:  Entry4Sports

Please use this link to access the online site:                 

UK Entry4Sports | office@entry4sports.com

Closing Date:

Sunday 26th NOVEMBER 2023.


We will only except Paper Entries in extreme circumstances.

Please Email: ian-joan.clarke@blueyonder.co.uk for advice on this.

confirmation of entry and directions will be sent out after the closing date

Numbers to be collected on the day

Further Details.

Please check the website or the Facebook page for updates and important information prior to the Championships www.worcaa.org.uk   Worcestershire County Athletic Association | Facebook

Online Entry Site Link:  UK Entry4Sports | office@entry4sports.com

Contact Details for Queries:

Email: ian-joan.clarke@blueyonder.co.uk        

Phone: 07913 490751

Please be aware that the area used for qualification as a county athlete, uses the County Boundary prior to 1976.  This does include significant areas of South Birmingham and Dudley.

Basically, in Birmingham if you live WEST of the Birmingham to Worcester Canal then you can consider yourself inside the Worcestershire boundary.

Clubs we must ask you to use the online entries website, this will make processing the entries much easier and quicker for us to combine the entry lists with that of Warwickshire.

There will separate races for Under 11s up to under17s for this Championships.

The under 20 athletes will be combined with the Senior & Masters, those who will be eligible under the age categories to compete as seniors at the Inter Counties the team managers will take this performance into account. If any under 20’s wish to contest the senior race, please enter as a senior. They would then not be included in the individual or team result for their age group.

Following confusion about selection criteria for the Inter-Counties XC the following arrangements have been decided on by the County Committee:

These Championships are the main criteria for selection for the Inter Counties Cross Country Championships.

Rita Brownlie will be present on the day and will look after the distribution of invitation forms for the Inter Counties Cross Country.

The female acceptance forms will go to Rita Brownlie, Keith Perry will manage the male teams.

In future on the day of the Championships when the teams are chosen all the invitation letters will be given out to the maximum number, we can enter for the Intercounties XC, and the wording changed to “will be considered for the Inter Counties team”

The first five will be guaranteed selection, the rest at the selector’s discretion.  The final places will then allow for athletes to be selected who were not able to run on the day.  It will be up to the athletes to contact the team manager to confirm their fitness and availability and to ask if they have been selected.

Please Note: Any Athlete not able to compete at the County Championships who wishes to be considered for the Inter-County teams must notify the County before the day of the Championships. No consideration will be given to applications after the event.

Note: the contact email for this is ian-joan.clarke@blueyonder.co.uk

The closing date is late in November to make it easier for athletes and team managers but there are consequences.

There will be no discussion about late entries. Please do not embarrass us and you by asking for special treatment after the closing date. The County volunteers have a lot of work to do after the closing date and only a few working days to do this in before Race Day.