Worcestershire Cross Country Male CAU teams 2019

Please note that all names below are entered and changes can be made right up to and
including on the day so please, including reserves, let me know if you are not available.
Reserves are not needed to travel but support will always be welcome. Please do not
hesitate to contact me if you have any questions keithperry992@btinternet.com
Senior Men 9 in team, 6/9 to count (thanks to Johnny Cullen for his assistance)

Will Richardson (BH), Joe Smith (TH), Daniel Stock, Ben Duncan (WAC), Johnny Cullen
(BRAT), Robbie Campbell (WAC), Adam Soley (TH), Jake Watson (WAC), David Nation (DASH)

Reserves: Richard Walsh (WAC), Rob Meredith, Mateusz Sliwinski (HAC)
Mark Teague (WAC), Patrick Mackie (B&R); James Marshall (BRAT) Not available.

U20 Men 4 to count

Chris McLeod (SSH), Kristian Bailey, Mat Wilkinson (HAC), Peter Cotterell (WWP)
George Beardmore (WAC) not available.

U17 Men 8 to run, 4 to count
James Dale (WAC), Daniel Kimber (K&S), Harry Walters (DASH), Samuel Davey, Alexandru Radu (WAC), Adam Bodin (DASH), Harrison Mayne (B&R), Lachlan McPhail (HAC)

U15 Boys 8 to run, 4 to count

Joshua Robins (BH), Owen Jinks, James Rolinson (HAC), Samuel Lea (WAC), Luke Richardson (B&R), Ben Harle (WAC), Max Price (BH), Sebastien Purvis (B&R),

Reserves: Leo Merritt (BH), Matthew Stewart (HAC), Elliot Beard (WAC)
Sam Mannings (HAC) Not available.

U13 Boys 8 to run, 4 to count
Finnan Robins (BH), Samuel Paterson (WAC), Nathan Sanders (B&R), Linus Burnage, Lucas White (WAC), Tom Harris (HAC), Tom McMillan (WAC), James Thompson (HAC)

Reserves: Theo Wallcroft, Joshua Sanders (WAC), Ryan Warton (HACC); Oliver Hill (WAC) Not available

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