Which year was the photo above taken

The photo at the top of the website was taken at the start of the senior men’s race at a previous Worcestershire County Cross Country Championships but what year was it?

No prizes for the correct answer Рthis is just for fun.  Leave your guesses in the reply section below.

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6 Responses to Which year was the photo above taken

  1. Nick Price says:

    2008? Droitwich

  2. kevin lanckham says:

    droitwich 2006

  3. Maurice Endacott says:

    Definitely Droitwich I would go with 2008

  4. Calvin Scoltock says:

    As could be seen from the bridge in the backgroud it was infact Droitwich. This limited the years it could be. Also, as there was no snow on the ground it couldn’t have been 2010 so guesss of 2008 and 2006 were good ones.

    Kevin correctly identified it as 2006.

    Header image now changed. I haven’t got a clue where or when this was taken!

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