Can You Help?

Officials in the county are trying to track down details of old Worcestershire championship events from years gone by. 

We would like to obtain copies of both event programmes and race results sheets for the following events:-

Worcestershire Track & Field Championships
Worcestershire Cross Country Championships

Whilst some recent years do appear on the Associations website there are many many more that are missing. If you have any copies please let us know. Either hand copies to Ian Clarke at one of the local events or committee meetings or email us via

We also understand that there used to be a two drawer filing cabinet that contained a whole host of results and historical materials relating to the county. The whereabouts of this is sadly not currently known. One of the last known contacts for this is understood to have been John Clatworthy, a one time member of Worcester A.C. who we believe may have lived in/near Pershore. If you can provide any information on where this cabinet may be we would be very interested to know and would like to recover any materials we can.

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